Bonnie Whitmore And Her Band – When Sad Girls Rock Your World

She is this strong and she’s never wrong

She is unbreakable, and able of the impossible

Never rude, even with a little bit of attiude

She can shake a town, and turn you up when she comes down,

Rock your world this lady can, cause She’s A Hurricane.

The lady is Bonnie Whitmore,

And she’s ready to take the music industry by storm with her new single titled ‘She’s A Hurricane’.

This single is extracted from her upcoming album ‘F%ck With Sad Girls’, out October 28th, a project allowing the inner angry girl roar and rock your world.

This project is about to be a masterpiece, a collection of rocky  and bluesy pieces

The painting of the emotions a woman breathes in and out, in her lonesome,

The pictures of infinite creations her band and herself had to put out, as long as there’ room for creativity.

For this project, Bonnie is willing to create a proper rock record, making it strong enough to empower women.

Strong women, independent women, women full of substance… Natural Women.

Check out her previous works:




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