Birdsong At Morning – Bringing (Musical) Energies Back To Life

In the dead of the night, when everyone’s asleep,

Under the leaves dancing on the trees, you can see

Maybe one, maybe two, maybe three birds nesting

And singing the coming of a new dawn, waiting for the heat of the morning.

Alan Williams is the leader of these birds (and chair of the music department at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell), lead singer songwriter,

Followed by Darleen Wilson (guitar) and Greg Porter (bass).

Them three form the and Birdsong At Morning, and create a peaceful (musical) universe endlessly spreading and progressing, with new (musical) energies, to make you feel alive from the morning to the evening.

Inviting you to a Great Escape, warning you about the threatening Devil’s Stomping Ground, blessing you during Midnight Vespers, then leading to the view of the Kipahulu Sunrise,

Birdsong At Morning offers a one-of-kind musical experience.

They’ve released their album titled A Slight Departure, an ambitious project picturing different portraits and landscapes, a colorful tapestry.

This band  is part of a growing community of artists and musicians, inspired by heritage and the spirit of renewal evidenced all around them.

Thought-provoking and soul-baring, their music reflects the solid foundation of the still standing brickwork, and the warmth of the beating hearts within.

Formed in 2008, the band began as an exercise in resurrecting long dormant musical energies.

Birdsong At Morning - Bringing (Musical) Energies Back To Life 1

Marcus Gon

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