Braden the Young ft Tevin Williams – A Production On Fire

Kansas city based 25 year old producer, Braden Anderson, aka Braden the Young, just released stunning single Fireproof on the 27th February. The RnB soulful tune features a the passionate and sensual voice of singer Tevin Williams.
As organic as can be, Fireproof is the fruit of an overnight songwriting and seems as the perfect match between Braden Anderson’s production and Tevin Williams’ vocal and lyrical abilities, with the help of Mark Buergler as a co-writer.
The seduction in Williams’ voice ignites sensuality and arouses burning desires, while the production is slowly provoking a blast of passionate emotions. This song perfectly pictures the love story between two young and wild hearts.
Succession between a heavy and impacting beat with smooth and laid back drums, the warm colors that suggest the guitar chords, and the suggestive vocal rising in the back, are a few details that demonstrates how meticulous Anderson’s production is. Indeed, Fireproof was finalized after a lengthy 6 month production period.
This release continues his stylistic flare of whistleable beats and assertive Hip Hop drums, together inspired by the likes of the Beatles, Peter Gabriel and Chainsmokers.
Despite being at an early stage in his career, Braden the Young has had music featured in a collection of major advertisements, Estee Lauder, Wendy’s and Microsoft to be naming a few.

Marcus Gon

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