Elena Flury Brings Peace Of Mind With Neo Soul Single “Focus”

Elena Flury has been gaining popularity in London’s vibrant live scene and is using this downtime to finish her upcoming EP.

Her craft reminds of the likes of Marie Dahlstrøm, The Naked Eye. Her sound is fresh and light, quite a delight. On her way to the release of her EP, Elena Flury is unveiling a new single entitled ‘Focus’.

Along a smooth Neo-Soul orchestration, all calm and collected, Elena Flury addresses how difficult the consequences of the current lockdown can be. People may tend to suffer from self-isolation and social distancing, causing damage to mental health.

Focus stands then to break the negative cycle of our minds when they start brooding over old issues. Especially in a time like now, filled with uncertainty.

Stripped down production gives enough space to the singer so she can sing with freedom and lightness. The echoe of the back vocals have a mesmerizing side-effect, and brings peace of mind to the listener. Transitions with nothing but the sound of the rimshot suggest another way to appreciate the click of time when you’re lone in a silent room and a dark place. The rhythmic section, with the sax and the guitar, bring that freshness.

Together with her four-piece band and producer Femi Temowo, former musical director of Amy Winehouse, Elena Flury created a fresh mix between old school Soul, Neo-Soul, and Contemporary R’n’B.

Her visuals, just like her music, communicate a sense of both maturity and freshness, elegant yet humble. They will further establish in her first music video, which will be out in a couple of weeks.

“I’m so pleased with how it is sounding already. It will be true to the ‘organic’ sound that I have been creating but exploring it through a new perspective.”, she says.

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