Throwback – Ella Martini – Jess Glynne – Clean Bandit – What Else?


But it is still in the random bars or prestigious venues in London’s streets.
Have a ‘Walk in the Street’ and testify how good music is as you’ll see your feet ‘Dancing in the Street’.
In other words, London is the invitation to come and have a ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.

Last time I answered to this invitation and I could see how much London was fulled of talents.
Among all of these talents was the pretty young Ella Martini , singing either one romantic ‘STORY’ or making up mash ups of covers so hard worked with RnB and soul melodies to make ‘YOU’ feel as good as her music.

She was a talent amongst so many others. She’s putting a great work in, and some of y’all could have appreciated her style on stage with Jess Glynne. on May 2nd, another talent who featured with Clean Bandit.

Ella Martini and Jess Glynne, what a hell of a recipe it was!

In any case Jess Glynne doesn’t ring a bell, here is something quite fresh enough to refresh your memory, here is something clean enough to vibe and free your mind:

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