Jane Doe – Freestyle Incognito

Playing a record on and on

Watching pictures followed up by another one

And it’s on again: up in the clouds all along the song

Freedom stuck in my mind,

“Blossom” the last line…

Oh-oh, better stop here for a while,

Before a poetic inspiration gets way too wild.

If today we happen to do it through a certain kind of wilderness

Be grateful to the 75e Session, French Hip-Hop label,

Managing and producing young and fresh hip hop talents,

Providing melodious flavors and crispy beats and tasty soulful vibes

As on the Jane Doe ∅ 60 you can testify.

This label record seems to suggest his listeners original contents such as

A whole playlist of anonymous freestyles, the focus being on some juicy lips spitting poetry.

Nice discovery, jazzing, thrilling, and inspiring,

By the way from,  Jane Doe ∅ 60  you may think of the instrumental of “Stronger Than Me” from Amy Winehouse..

Well that was what I thought at first, like any soul man would think of Mrs Winehouse.

But taking another good look, happens the following question: “Did Amy Winehouse get inspired of Mr Shakur’s ‘Baby Don’t Cry‘?

Who knows.. any-who, here is some to chill out and take it easy.

May you enjoy an other artist working close to 75e Session:

French Poetry Session.



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Marcus Gon

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