Felling Like A Rolling Stone Windung Up On A Hazardous Terrain

“Well, you know, when you happen to settle in an unknown land,
you can get excited about discovering new things,
sometimes your excitement even comes from a certain feeling that this land could be yours.

But … you can also get lost, scary and nervous.
Not being sure if this land is a generous land to provide you the gift of a great experience, or rather a dangerous land willing you to fall, deeper and deeper underground.

As far as I’m concerned, since we’re talking about me, I’d say this land woukd be England, more specifically London.
Going there is such a thrill, but many aspects happen to be such a fear.
But, let’s say the challenge is to overpass your fear, so you can reach your dreams over there, waiting for you, and only you, to come true, alright ?

Plus talkin’ about dreams: so many things are inspiring here in London, such as Arts.
A ‘Rolling Stones’ painting is inspiring, indeed. Sure hope this painting will make your day

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