CleOfa – London Discovery – Pour l’amour du Théâtre et de la Musique

Spanish astonishing beauty

Italian dynamic comedian

English soulful singer

What more can I say?

When her voice penetrates your ears that vibrate

You start to think that she must be black-skinned, just like some #BlackCofee

When you see her smiling face, so fresh so clean

You end up thinking she as sweet as #Honey.

Rita Pilato, aka, CleOfa is a polyvalent European artist on fire

Burning for acting having attended Musical Theatre Academy of Rome,

And remaining hot for singing.

Her universe is very cheerful and breathes her thriving youth.

CleOfa came to charm the UK musician network in the late 2012.

She put in a great work since then, working with the discover talent label  S4u Music.

Along her videos, you’ll see how much dedication she gives to Musicals, Acting, and above all, performing live.

In the first video of this playlist, you may appreciate how real gets the Erykah Badu’s quote: “Performing live is creating a moment.”

You may stay tuned to the pretty young CleOfa, as her EP debut, so-called NaKed, expected for the late 2014, promises a warm happy year end; as Some Like It Hot.

Meanwhile: keep warm with this:

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