Elise Davis – Music is Life!


This shall be the motto for artists from Nashville, Tenessee, “Music Is Life”.

The city with a strong staff writers culture, maybe even more than in London.

Elise Davis is the vivid illustration that we’re not born artist but we become so, whenever an experience happens to provoc it.

At 12 years old, she unexpectedly started to handle a guitar and vocing few lyrics, following a frustruating experience with her parents.

Ever since that day, she never could shut off the light of her burning passion for singing.

And fortunately: last year she, and her band, did pretty well

Going around folkie serenade with her voice powerfully marrying her guitar’s harmony,

With  Big Ol’ Dreams EP, including hits like “Make the Kill”.

and the taking storytelling in her songs such as “Almost A Woman”

Today, this winner of the last-year American Songwriter’s “The Pub Contest”,

Has her new EP is on the way out

With a storytelling having for main topic “Life“, a feeling of life to express, pieces of a complex puzzle to share.

Besides, as many others from Nashville, music made her life.

Enjoy the following playlist for one soothing moment with a natural woman

Leading you to a new comfort zone with her voice and guitar:

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