Misty Miller, or the Natural Artist’s Evolution

In every story, one character evolves.

Just like a seed into a virgin field

That happens to grow up on a ground less and less green,

And, fed and warmed up by his passions shining like a sunrise

The brillant character, into numerous experiences gets involved.

This is what happened with this young pretty thing: Misty Miller.

When still young and naive, already fond of rock’n’roll from the 50’s, British rock, and other good things

She took her first steps into the singing and songwriting.

At 15, her first album is recorded, providing young and cute folkie material; the perfect ballade singer.

Her ukulélé may ring a bell with her 4-year-ago single so-called ‘Remember’.

Since then, her character got a changing shape.

Everything went just faster: new projects, new collaborations, new configurations (from guitar-voice to full band), new aspirations…

You’ll notice that her quite mature face, despite her quite naive age (19),

Will sing you songs that rock enough to make you roll onto the road of any venue where she performs live; far from that kind and folkie primary kind.

The flower has grown, up to exhale the smell of her teen spirit evolving;

You pretty much can call it an ‘Artist’s Organic Spring’,

And she shall blossom again and again, wherever in London, whenever her gigs go on.

Last time. she found herself in a ‘Taxi Cab’, you should lend and ear to what it made her feel sing.

Enjoy the playlist:

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