Tia P: Why She’s Such An Extraodinary Artist

Tia Parchman, charismatic character characterized by her skills to sketch the script and the lyrics of the song

Shall catch, captivate then free your mind; in other words, her music will blow your mind.

Indeed, this dynamic twenty-something artist is a producer, a musician (drummer and pianist) and a songwriter (since 6 years old)

Sha has been working hard these years to produce “lyrical prowess unmatched” and

To match her eather punchy eather elegant voice on any kind of production.

Besides her dynamic and funny character, which suits perfectly to one show-woman, her diversity makes her extraodinary.

She illustrates all the colors of her palette of skills through within 60 seconds music series.

Jazz & Chill

You can see this  Howard University Senior swinging on a jazzy score just like in Beyoncé’s Partition jazzy cover

Swank : Funky & Sexy

Tia P’s shows how much D’Angelo’s funk,  influences her and makes her go swank and swing

Over the black and white keys of her piano.


From Jay Z to Kendrick Lamar, she matches her voice with elegance on the remix track

Trapped into a sweet mesmerizing vibe, waiting for sunrise, while laying down at night



Many have covered this Joey Badass’ production, and the best only gets remembered: Tia P. shall be among these.


Not only deeply influenced by hip-hop, mainly Missy Elliot and Pharrell Williams,

She’s also strongly driven by the vibes of Erykah Badu’s Soul, antoher essence of Hip hop.


A pure example of what she’s able to when it comes to heart-felt songwriting:

“Produced by my boy @Mar_Tamius, this a song I wrote about overcoming…well…life. Now more than ever is the time that we as a people need to stand up and be the change we seek.”


The most inspirational and mind-blowing poem ever spoken as this is one of a kind creative piece of work.

In this poem she breaks down any music genre, ripping off the etiquette and sending a real message from a space

Where doesn’t sound always as real as it should as it should be (some may say)

STAMPS: Stories That Amplifies Music’s Parameters.

Going from the origins of Music onto all its divergences, she gives tribute to Music Itself,

No matter the genre, the shape, or whatever, the effect and power remain the same: inspiration, dreams, hope, positivity, strength,… God’s gift.

Marcus Gon

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