K.ZIA: Listen to a spiritual and warm experience #GENESIS

K.ZIA’s album preview

There’s no place that brings more excitement about the future of POP/R&B than the European scene. As part of the wave of emerging artists determined to leave a mark through their own unique musical identity stands K.ZIA, Brussels-born singer, songwriter and artistic director.

On February 11th, the Berlin-based singer released her debut album GENESIS, a conceptual body of work in French and English exploring her multifaceted identity through 11 tracks.

Official music video for ‘Sanctuary’

“Love is the remedy

We gotta let it flow

Hate is the ennemy

We got the antidote” –K.ZIA, Sanctuary

To lead us through the discovery of her self, K.ZIA opens with ‘Sanctuary‘, introducing her soft harmonies on a pop/r&b beat, as she draws us in her sacred space. It’s a feeling of elevation and internal peace just as portrayed in the stunning visuals accompanying the music. There, K.ZIA is a goddess that embodies light and warmth, and so does her space.

The message is clear: her music is a safe space where love and positivity reign supreme.

A message that is reinforced in the following track ‘Coco‘, where she expresses her gratitude for the life (she) was gifted, and how she is circled by love, focused on (her) cause. The song is also her debut in French and the introduction of her fierce alter ego.

A fierceness reflected in all the songs in French.

While ‘Mele’ feat. Says’Z explores a more sensual version with afro trap rythms, ‘Privilège’ and ‘Jfmb’ reveal a more masculine energy on trap beats.

This is completed with ‘Commando Fanm’, a pop feminist anthem where she sings in creole and French.

Time pour les femmes, femmes, femmes

Entières, full-package Commando Fanm, K.ZIA feat. Zap Mama

K.ZIA continues with dancing anthems in French with ‘Sans Toi’, a break-up song with zouk undertones that instantly reminds of the current French R&B hits.

What makes this debut album solid and exciting for the Brussels-born singer is the way she managed to translate each part of her alter-egos with a cohesive sound that feels organic and fits perfectly.

Her interlude particularly, ‘igyb’ named after the initials of the following song ‘I Got Your Back’, feels like a pure dose of wellness and warmth that illustrates her loving nature associated with her English alter ego. It’s almost as if she’s simultaneously speaking to herself but also to a friend :

Hey Beautiful, I want you to know that I see you

It’s okay if you don’t want to talk right now

It’s not just you, we’re all going through a lot right now“-igyb, K.ZIA

Given the global health crisis that’s going on , a lot of people have isolated themselves and maintaing friendship in that context is not easy. Therefore, sometimes we just need to hear whenever you’re ready to talk, I’m a phone call away to know that things are right.

This energy is carried though the end of the album with ‘Home’, a R&B anthem with ensemble vocals and rythmed claps, celebrating all good vibrations and sunshine faces. A proof that ‘Genesis’ is an album that makes you feel good but also makes you dance.

k.zia debut album genesis

Listen to K.ZIA’s exquisite debut album ‘Genesis’, here.

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