Mari Songs : confronting your Shadow to see the Light

Mari Songs a singer, songwriter; guitarist and budding producer hailing from South London,combines her sweet vocals with a musical blend of soul, folk, pop, alternative rnb anthought provoking lyrics that will get you thinking and bopping your head.
A Storyteller with a sound dubbed as ‘Atmospheric soul’ is often compared to the likes of Lianne La Havas, Nao, Lauryn
Hill and Solange to name a few.

She released her EP “Shadow/Light” on November 11, 2022

“It’s not easy to face our shadows, to unearth some of the most painful parts of ourselves, but man is it the best thing you can do, and is what allows us to be fully alive and present in life, in love in ourselves, in God !”

“I called it Light to represent the healing, growth, love that awaits us at the “end” of this life long journey.”

Mari songs about her EP

The Cover

The cover of the album displays the black color which represents our shadow parts, it is here bypassed by gold which represents the light, to indicate us that to live and to confront these shadow often have beneficial impact for us in the end.

The golden outline is also a little bit faded perhaps to show that it does not come quickly and to represent that we fought to obtain this light.

In the center of the cover a rectangle lets us see the gaze of Mari Songs, staring right at us, and just to her left a completely golden background. As if she had just overcome her shadow and turned it into light on her path. The order of the elements is well thought, we read from left to right so it really gives this effect.

The tracks

Mari songs shares a 5 songs EP, its divided into two parts : Shadow and Light which are linked by an interlude


For the songs that characterize the shadow we find “Safe and Sound” It speaks of supporting and loving a person when they have to face their shadow “I will keep you safe and sound” “Lost and you will be find”

And also “Don’t Wait ” in which she addresses to someone, telling him that she needs time to deal with what she lives.

“You might be free, just don’t wait for me”

The instrus of the shadow part are calmer and invite more reflection


Then, “Do you know interlude”, connects the two parts, we hear a tape recording in which Mari Songs says “Today, I don’t mind the rain hitting my window” “cause they’re different drops from yesterday” this sound indicates a change of mind that awaits us after shadow.


After the interlude, the Light part arrives and we immediately notice the change, the melody is more airy, more dreamy and characterize more freedom and joy. There is even an effect as if we were entering another universe.

Two songs form this part including “Be with you – Ext” which speaks of the joy of being with the loved one who brings all the love and support needed.

This song is similar to Safe and Sound, it’s even a little continuity of this song. To recall in Safe and Sound, it was addressed to a person who was not feeling well and Mari Songs offered support, and in Be With You the person, thanks to this support, receives a lot of love.

cover of safe and sound

The last song of this EP is “Fly” which tells that after coming out of a difficult period we relearn to live and cherish to appreciate life, to fly.

“It’s the moment I realize that it feels so good to fly”

Mari Songs presents an EP very well worked and structured around this subject of Shadow and Light, whether it is by the cover or by the songs of a thoughtful order. With her voice and her melody she manages to get her message across. We can’t wait to hear more from her.

Léna Mercier

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