Apollo Mighty’s new EP «Behavior» proves there’s no Peace without Love

“Fight, learn, and love.”

It’s a perfect summary of the wonderful songs and artist we’re going to introduce you to in this article.

Apollo Mighty, originally from Memphis (Tennessee) but now based in Chicago (Illinois), realeased a brand new EP, Behavior, on this Friday. Mighty is a huge streamed artist on the platforms like Spotify.

The title is right chosen, and very clever, because of what he is talking about in it.

Also, we must add that not only he is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and of the Black Lives Matter movement, but linked to his EP’s name, he did a few IGTV Lives, where he asked celebrities and influencers what their 2020 behavior is, in this world right now.

For us, Behavior is about self-introspection, as you can tell with the following. It’s not just another EP about romance, it’s way more than that.


« I needed to lose you to love me », extract from “Lose you to love me” by Selena Gomez.

On the opposite of what you could think, this is not what Apollo Mighty did in this song. He’s madly in love with someone, who is not especially good for him. He doesn’t even know himself if he is « either in love or insane ». As you know, love can make you go mad, but as a French artist said it, Lomepal, « madness is beautiful ».

To go back on Almighty, Mighty is extremely confused about his feelings. He’s convinced the person he’s talking about is the only one he could really love, because she supports Apollo and makes him cross his limits, as he said « you keep me climbing up the walls », « working equations I can’t solve alone ». If love was an equation, it certainly would be the hardest to solve.

Nevertheless, he knows he has a lot to lose by being with this person, but he is under her spell, « your power reigns supreme », « I lose all the strenght I found once you lay me down ».

He begs her to have mercy on him. Not the healthiest relationship we saw right ?


Apollo Mighty’s new EP «Behavior» proves there’s no Peace without Love 1

God loves you, no matter who you are or what you did. He is a countless amount of support, and the only one you need, with your own self.

Apollo Mighty tells us this in Heaven, such as he is speaking of Black Love and self-pride as well.

He sings about the price he has to pay on a daily basis to be himself.

He wants to be involved with someone, but everytime he told the truth about him, it never ended well, « I might have tried and told the truth after, had a good thing it turned to disaster ».

That’s why he knows he can rely on his God, because He is by his side, and he knows what to do from now when he met someone. He’s reaching the path to Heaven, and ask to the listener how do you know when you are close to it, because he is « running out of gas ».

Also, he sings « He made me this strong, talented and black ».

Interesting topic here.

 We can infer he is outting himself, as a Black and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s not common but not rare as the same time.

We mentionned Black Love, but what is it ?

Apollo Mighty’s new EP «Behavior» proves there’s no Peace without Love 2

Black Love is something quite hard to understand for those who are not concerned, but not that difficult after all. To make it easier for you, we invite you to listen to the Robert Glasper’s song, « Better than I imagined », which is an ode to Black Love.

Glasper explained that « Black people hadn’t have the tools to actually be in healthy relationships. It seems like people are finally ready to open their eyes to systemic racism in this country, and if we’re going to talk about it, we have to also talk about how it affects our relationships ».

We think that this sentence perfectly sums up Heaven and Almighty, by Apollo Mighty, don’t you think so ?


This song is divided in two parts. Firstly, always one our main topic, love. And secondly, politic.

In Arrival, Apollo wants to be by somebody’s side, because it’s a pleasant sensation. He succeeded and even hope the person he is with « reach for me » (him) when he is gone.

He fell before, but at least this time, it’s in « his arms », which means he is finally in a healthy relationship. It’s in complete opposition with Almighty, and we are delighted about it.

As far as justice is concerned, this is the political side of Arrival.

« It’s a lot of sirens in the air this evening, maybe they gon finally learn, they gon let this city burn, they gon have to take their knee up off my people ».

Apollo Mighty is really involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, as told before, as everyone should be, and this year, it finally went as loud as it should have been since decade.

Apollo Mighty’s new EP «Behavior» proves there’s no Peace without Love 3

It started earlier this year, with the passing of Georges Floyd, which is what Mighty refers to with the « they gon have to take their knee up off my people ». Indeed, Floyd tragically died because of a policeman who suffocated him during 9 minutes by putting his leg on Floyd’s neck.

So maybe, this healthy relationship Mighty mentioned in the beginning, is the one politics, the police and black people must have in the future. The world could be a better place to live in, a place of equality, equity and justice for all.

Arrival is the lead single of Behavior, which is very meaningful and important because of the message it carries on.

All of these powerful songs have a slow electro, relaxing instrumental. Except for Arrival, where the rythm is as fast as a heartbeat, which goes well with the impact of the song Mighty wanted to have. Also in Heaven, we can hear a harp melody, which is linked to the religious side of the song.

Added to Apollo Mighty’s deep and peaceful voice, we really get the impression we’re in Heaven, don’t you agree?

Camille Laval

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