Gillian Heidi jaw-dropping new single, «fray».

« I’m no good at goodbyes ».

This extract from the Post Malone song, is the perfect start for the review of this wonderful new song from Gillian Heidi, « fray », and here are the reasons why.

The Boston (Massachussets) native singer is only 16 and she’s blowing our minds away, with her deep and cracky voice. She reminds us of Billie Eilish, who you must have heard of before, as well as Alessia Cara, and ALIX (previously reviewed last week). She also recalls Taylor Swift, who stands as one of her major inspiration, along with her brother.

Gillian Heidi released an EP, Unfiltered, in 2019, of whom the lead single, What It Felt Like, gathered more than 200K streams on Spotify. She even knows how to play the piano since the age of 4, and the guitare since she’s 12; what a gifted child!

The best part is that she’s now preparing  herself to release her debut album, 3AM, for early 2021. The 4 singles, already available, sound delightful. They are as unpredictable as the songwriter. « fray » is the best pictures it. This is about a relationship which is falling apart, even « fraying at the ages », Gillian said, but which is not completely over yet.

The both of them are living in an illusion and they still have the hope that it will finally work out and they can avoid breaking up with each other. A story that reminds us of « Getaway Car », a song by Taylor Swift, which describes a relationship built on the lie that it will works between the two of them. But deep down she knows that « since the first Old Fashioned I know we were cursed ».  

Gillian Heidi’s melodious voice is taking us to an emotional travel, and it’s like we’re living the torn and broken romance with her. Plus the instrumental sounds like one of these music boxes from childhood. This, added to the slow guitare and the piano, emphasized the depth of the lyrics in the song and the feels from her vocals.

True, she is saying that « everyday is uncertain », « we crack just a little bit more everyday ». They don’t know where they stand each day, which is an heavy weight to carry.

She’s « lost in your case », « begging you to break me a little more ».

She accused him of being the reason why they’re tearing each other apart, by telling him « let you build these walls, let you break them down », « it’s like things were so good till you tried to fabricate it ». So this relation was all a lie since the beginning ? What do you think it means, according to you ? Let us know.

She acknowledges that they are « on the way to broke up », even though when they « used to be so perfect ».

Sounds a little bit familiar right? The link between « fray » and« You Found me » by The Fray was pretty obvious. Also, in this song, a relationship that’d seem perfect just fell apart, and the girl accused him of being the cause of it.

What is more, another song by Gillian Heidi is making us feel the same thing. We mean, What It Felt Like. Even if it’s about friendship, it was a good one and she regrets the way it felt like to have the other person by her side, just like she does with her boyfriend in « fray ».

Human beings always want what is bad for them.  We’re feeling that with fray. Which can be a lesson given we all needed to hear. Gillian Heidi, here, empowers us to stop this behavious and to listen to our needs, and find what’s good and healthy for you.

And like the other singles that came out, S T a T I C, High and Desperate are also smashing it, we’re craving to listen to 3AM.

At the end of the day, fray sounds like a gift from above, and conveys a heart-warming sentiment.

” And always remember, that you deserve all the best in the world. Even if it’s not what you expected, the unknown is also very attracting and thrilling, trust us.”

Camille Laval

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