Deanna Devore questions the ability to “Love Again” in her new single

“I’d love to inspire other songwriters and other female multi-instrumentalist/producers. There aren’t many of us out there it seems, so I’d love to inspire more female musicians to self-produce”

Deanna Devore

The Chicago and Toronto based singer, songwriter and composer, Deanna Devore, delights us with a new neo-soul/R&B track that blends downtempo electronic beats with chilled out pop tones. “Love Again” features a touring background vocalist named D’Zhari, that performed with artists like Eryn Allen Kane or Sir the Baptist throughout her career. This dynamic duo brings a soulful atmosphere to a mellow jazz-infused project with their honeyed and velvety voices.

All of Devore’s repertoire stems from her R&B, soul and jazz influences, giving her the opportunity to combine genres and captivate her audience across the world.

This new single follows up a critically acclaimed track called “Lately” featuring a contestant on The Voice, D’Lylez. Check out our article on the matter right here.

The track points out the feeling once a relationship ends, and more specifically the uncertainty of being able to Love Again afterwards. Instead of whinging, Deanna decides to send a hopeful and positive message through the stage of self-acceptance.

“It’s about finding that closure within yourself, and not from the other person. It’s about finding peace within, and being ready for the next chapter in life.”

By producing and performing all of the instruments on this project, Deanna Devore encourages and exhorts other female artists to do likewise. This approach allows her to truly express herself on her tracks, giving a genuine and sincere result. The musician doesn’t let any boundary restrict her musical creativity, as she uses smooth lo-fi grooves with electronic elements or R&B vibes. As she likes to say it, “I hope my music can bridge the gap for fans of all genres and be appealing to a variety of people”. The genre-blending sound that emanates from her music gets vigorously vivified by her upbeat songwriting.

After performing to sold-out shows and festivals such as Summerfest or playing the first part of concerts for Jamie Cullum and Bonobo for example, Devore gains prominence producing more commercial work, like a recent music composition for a Starbucks ad.

Deanna Devore definitely is a multi-skilled promising artist that has not finished surprising us.

Camille Boumard

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