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How many people here can say : “My friend is an artist!’

If you can’t, I feel bad for you, because having an artist as a friend is the closest source of freshness you can have to free your mind.

The artist I’m introducing is a photographer. After building herslef up on Tumblr (unicornandtriangles) ,

She’s coming to bang Facebook with her flashing snaps and pictures.

Having a look on her page ASB Photography will get your eyes travelling without moving

Having a ride on her tumblr might let you go in a land you’d never imagined.

This self-taught photographer comes out with so much burning inspiration erupting from the big volcano of her mind that

She sometimes “forgot better sh*t you than you ever thought of” (Kanye West).

She matches her tastes in music with her photographs, which gives you an amazing view.

Her photographs take the thrilling pieces of the everyday life, composing a good-looking puzzle…


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