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How many people here can say : « My friend is an artist!’

If you can’t, I feel bad for you, because having an artist as a friend is the closest source of freshness you can have to free your mind.

The artist I’m introducing is a photographer. After building herslef up on Tumblr (unicornandtriangles) ,

She’s coming to bang Facebook with her flashing snaps and pictures.

Having a look on her page ASB Photography will get your eyes travelling without moving

Having a ride on her tumblr might let you go in a land you’d never imagined.

This self-taught photographer comes out with so much burning inspiration erupting from the big volcano of her mind that

She sometimes « forgot better sh*t you than you ever thought of » (Kanye West).

She matches her tastes in music with her photographs, which gives you an amazing view.

Her photographs take the thrilling pieces of the everyday life, composing a good-looking puzzle…


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