Jesse Gamage: The Voice That Came Deep Inside

Along his covers, you might discover Jesse is a soul singer, the kind to let the flow of his voice draw colourful images.

Images to make your mind visualize delightful pleasures, before blowing this mind of yours with warm and soothing sounds.

His music is another mesmerizing example, as this is the kind of melody that turns on and on in your ears without even noticing,

A Soul is in the air when Jesse is on air.

A dark look lost in the thoughts of his lyrics, under his hat, behind one or two mics, making loop the beats and the back vocals;

It seems we’re not listening to just one solo artist

Jesse looks kind of like one of these crooners, or soul men, always something to share: if this isn’t love

This is always something original, from the core of his art. A profound one, as Jesse defines himself as a modern day philosopher and a student of life.

So in his lyrics, he pushes the exploration of his songwriting, trusting the high power of any words.

Here is one of his original songs letting appreciate his music:

His major influences: D’Angelo, Corinne Bailey Rae,

His latest tunes are ‘Hold The Fire” with some warming vocal performance in it

And the amazing “3 Meals A Day” pointing a simple philosophy of life, never complaining, getting free from worries, and sticking to the simplest things that could rhyme with your delight…

(‘I got 3 meals a day, and I’m happy’) 

Enjoy the talent and the poetry of Jesse Gamage.

By the way, the name if his coming EP is called “The Show Will Go On”, maybe a message to his fans waiting for new songs from him.


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