Matthew Guerrero: The Younger The Better


Refreshing, Delighting, Exciting, Jazzing,… What More Can I Say?

Lately, Caleborate aka That Black Kid That Rap (TBKTR) has been the hit with his spam that went viral.

Then came the young story-teller DeQuince, introducing his town Pomona  like Kendrick Lamar would introduce his Compton.

Now oneven younger MC, 17-year-old young blood, pops up out with some incredible energy; the youth is full of juice

And like Chance The Rapper, Matthew just got the Juice.

By the way, this aspiring rapper makes a good entrance with this song, where he proves that despite his young age

“Lyrically [he is] the man”.

Matter fact, he is the proof that age doesn’t mean a thing.

Upon the nice vibes of his hip-hop/jazz, he shares the fire of his ambition of making it big.

What is more, he’s well surrounded with producers such as Tantu, locally famous for its very well technically elaborated beats.

He’s upcoming debut album is titled Fiction For Now, but hopefully, for this aspiring rapper, his following days and nights in his life

Shall be made off of his music, where he could endlessly think to himself “Damn, another day in the life”,

Living in a happy dream that shall have got real.




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