DeQuince: Best-Representing California, L.A.

DeQuince Joel Robertson… a 21-year-old producer, rapper and songwriter.

Nice production inviting you to ride and vibe with his flow.

When you listen to his meaningful lyrics spoken upon the right melodies making the words sound more profound

It just turns to be the perfect invitation to let yourself get inspired, mesmerized by these soothing and reviving vibes.

You may testify his nice soul, R&B and rap tastes, as DeQuince’s production feature samples of Mos Def, Erykah Badu or even Jay Z

As many lyricist speaking their poetry on some cheering hip-hop jazz and soul notes.

DeQuince is to count among these  lyricist MC”s, sharing his stories and reality checks, from his city Pomona.

This is in this dark city, darkened by the clouds of guns and bullets letting tone shot guns as loud and painful as thunder in a cold winter

That you can hear faithful young men like him sending a Prayer For The Summer.

Telling how it is to live with fear and how it is unbearable to see people die and disappear

in a city that rhymes with Murder (as the second track of the Pomona’s Album is ‘Pomurda’)

And sharing strength and hope whispering Don’t Be Scared, or at least hiding your fear for his fellas, his brothas, his niggas.

This album is kind of a poetic work giving justice to DeQuince’s home town and to its inhabitants; “talking Poetic Justice”.

After Kendrick Lamar, the latest best-representing California (Compton), DeQuince might be your 2nd Favorite Rapper,

As he managed to grow and blossom in a dark city that he’s making shine bright through his production and tunes full of (joy for) life

Just a like ‘a flower blooms in a dark room”. DeQuince, more than a flower, made grow his pome as a juicy fruit refreshing his listeners.

Enjoy his album Pomona:


Marcus Gon

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