Roman Ceber: Hitting The Right Notes For The Right Atmospheres In The Right Occasions



A gift from Slovakia, and another wonder from London

Light harmonies upon a one-of-a-kind soothing atmosphere going on:

Letting the music play, as Barry White would suggest, never felt so good.

Roman Ceber is this gift from Slovakia, where his success did begin with is jazz band

He’s currently using his own gift for Londoners.

His inspirations drives you mainly onto the roads of jazz standards, soul/funk, pop ballads, evergreens or even latin music,

With Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Franck Sinatra, George Duke, Nat King Cole and much more on the board of his inspirations.

With so many influences, Roman Ceber lets drop an imaginative and versatile flow of very relaxing pieces of work.

You can appreciate some of his work and composition right here: Roman Ceber Music

Much more than this, you can appreciate his work in live: playing for corporate events, and great occasions such as weddings or birthdays,

Roman Ceber tends to play and share his music for all occasions. Don’t miss a chance to hear him: Contact Roman Ceber.

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  1. Asia & Peter says:

    All the best Romanko from Asia and Peter!!! Xxxx

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