THE TRONGONE BAND – The Success Of A Family Affair


They say there’s no such thing as a smart fool, cause fools just listen to fools (Eryn Allen Kane – Honey)

But one must be Blind to leave his Keys To The House, to leave the keys to his heart

This fire burning inside his chest might not be love, the girl sent him Straight To Hell

Lost at sea, like Another Lost Rambler, he’ll try to find himself on the Canyon Road

Ain’t It Funny…?

New York, NY- Hailing from Richmond, VA the band is made out of a family affair.

Two brothers, Andrew and Johnny Trongone, gathered with their father to proudly form The Trongone Band. Today the band counts keyboardist Ben “Wolfe” White and award-winning bassist Todd Herrington, who substituted Andrew and Johnny’s father, John Sr.

The Trongone Band has released their debut LP, “Keys To The House” on June 30th via Harmonized Records, and this album is the wealth of this family.

This is something they’ve accomplished together throughout the years.

Beyond the lyrics and the topics of the songs, musically speaking, a million of stories can be pictured throughout such a vivid album.

They’re now supporting this album touring all over the East Coast. This album is pretty much what you can call the success of a family affair.

Of the album, Johnny Trongone says:

“It was one thing to develop and write the songs over the past year as we played them out on the road,

But it was a completely different world to take them into the studio, put them under the microscope and really turn them into songs.


So much on a personal and musical level,

And listening back and dissecting these tracks helped us learn so much about each other’s playing.”

Back in the core of the Blues culture, they stand at the crossroads of southern Rock ‘n’ Soul and Americana Jam. Hints of Gospel can be appreciated.

You feel their Funk influences at the end of the album, with their track Love Away.

Typical songs like Canyon Road have you diving down South and taking you back to Church, a song to sing like a prayer.

Writen with a broken heart, lyrics like “Canyon Road, show me the way” when actually you can get easily lost in this Grand Canyon, get the song even more moving. And indeed, the piece that follows is ironically titled ‘Another Lost Rambler’.

Their ability to switch genres and types of energy tracks after tracks, makes their album as rich and thriving as can be. From the studio to the stage, The Trongone Band makes you appreciate their album as an actual journey, wih no routine.
The family has literally given you the keys to their house.

You go from all kind of emotions; Blind, the opening track is great songwriting. Heartfelt lyrics enhanced by the instrumentation.

Besides, Keys To The House seems to have quite a romantic way to approach songs.

Indeed, it feels the singer’s always talking about a woman that came in his life and rocked his world.

From Blind, to the album masterpiece, Anne Marie, to Straight To Hell, and even teheartbreaking Canyon Road

Primed for the festival circuit, the band has graced the stages of Virginia’s Roosterwalk, Tennessee’s Riverbend Music Festival, Florida’s Slide Into Spring Festival, The Allman Brothers’ Peach Festival in Pennsylvania, and West Virginia’s Deep Mountain Roots Revival.

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