Omega The Poet – Reflecting On Ideas Of Love (Interview)

Love used to be as passionnate as red roses

Though liquid love gets to water one’s Gipsy Rose

Flowers bloom in dark rooms they say, so comes the Winter Solstice Interlude

Lights shut off, Sun goes down, and eyelids get heavier,

Visions and fantasies of pleasant times in a Comfortable place.

Funny thing to compare Love with stars,

Falling in love, the opposite of a lift off, but still do we dream of Planet Mars.

Omega The Poet is one of those poet to describe Love and find all of its definitions throughout his poetry.

Fantasies, obsession, the chasing, running away, sexual and mental connections, love for one night, love for one life,…

Poetry allows a man to sit down, reflect and put a word on his feelings and experiences.

This is what Omega does, fully embracing the idea of love and an unapologetic sensuality.

Up & coming recording artist, photographer, graphic designer & CEO of his own clothing line (Olé & Company), Omega The Poet has recently released his debut EP entitled “The Kamasutra”.

A meticulous project indeed, quite cleverly put together. You can find different cultural and sound exerpts to illustrate and picture the concept of each song.

From the beginning, you’ll hear excerpts of Franck Ocean vocals, to introduce the idea of love and romance, to plant the seed of his poetry rooted in love and relationship

Then for Gipsy Rose, you’ll hear and appreciate pieces from J. Cole’s Love Me Not that’ll help define what Love is, Gipsy Rose, metaphor for an unconditionnaly loved woman who doesn’t love the same, (unfaithful, miscommunication…?)

To know more about this work of poetry, celebration of Love for Women, let’s see what Omega says about his project along th following interview.



SSB: Before figuring out yourself as a poet, what led you to poetry? What was the thing, the event or maybe the song, that made you love it?

OMEGA: What initially led me to do claim myself as a poet was a relationship I was in my senior year in High School.

I really loved this girl a lot, this girl I would say was one of my favorite girlfriends just because of all the experiences we went through, good and bad.

So I began to write poetry for her to show her how much she meant to me and I realized that it helped me release a lot of energy I had built up, after that it became a regular hobby.

SSB: Tell us about your first poem. Since your first writes up until now, how do you think your writing and storytelling skills Evolved?

OMEGA: Ever since my first poem until now I was writing specifically to one person but that has all changed.

When I write my poems now it’s still one special person that I think about as far as inspiration but my poems are more general now and have evolved even farther for me to convert them to songs.

SSB:  The EP begins with Franck’s Intro and we can hear Franck Ocean’s voice, which is a clever beginning to suggest the idea of loving, knowing Franck’s artistry. What does Franck Oceans inspire you?

OMEGA: Frank Ocean is a genius first of all!

He inspires me so much because every word & every melody he uses to create a song makes you feel it so much even if you don’t know who or what he is talking about.

I appreciate his artistry a lot because it is innovative, emotional, and a masterpiece meaning none of his work is rushed. Very much like myself.

SSBIt seems you wanted this Soul/RnB project to sound very modern. So much it would even incorporates impressions of Drake and Bryson Tiller. Why that?

OMEGA: I did want it to sound very modern but at the same time I wanted it to be a project that nobody had ever heard anything like which I feel like I executed.

Now Drake and Bryson Tiller are great artist but I feel like they’re in a way different category than me just because of how mainstream it sounds.

If I could compare my music to any two artistS it would be Andre 3000 and Wale because their music is not so mainstream but still they’re undeniable great influential artists in the music industry.

SSB: You point yourself as a perfectionist, and it took a whole year to work on this project. What was your vision for this project?

OMEGA: The vision for my project wasn’t much of a vision at first.

At first it was a just a test to see how good I could transition from poems to actually making songs and being around my friends in the studio thinking I could create some good stuff of my own.

Then I would say I thought I loved someone and it was more of an infatuation which led me to create a couple of the songs included in the project.

Then as we got to the final days of creating the EP I realized that this was a very emotional , sensual and sexual project that a lot of women would really feel so I decided to name it “The Kamasutra” which happens to be the oldest book known to mankind it it happens to be about love and sexuality.

SSB: Tajj Lusa is really present in the EP (twice). Tell us about your collaborators.

OMEGA: Undeniably Tajj Lusa is one of the greatest singers I know and has the voice of an Angel (not over exaggerating).

Be on the lookout for him because he will blow. I would compare him to artist such as Miguel and Robin Thicke because they sing falsetto a lot.

I decided to work with Tajj a lot throughout this project because we actually hang out a lot in real life and we think the same.

With that being said he almost reads my mind when I ask him to execute a melody and he just always was the perfect fit for the songs I needed a singer on.

SSB: Even if your lyrics and stories are raw as can be (Middle East), you manage to make it sound (almost) clean and smooth.
Plus, you choose the right images to picture your fantasies. How can you explain your metaphors throughout the EP? Precisely th emetaphor for Middle East and Gipsy Rose.

OMEGA: The Middle East for me was another way to describe the female reproductive system in a nicer sense & how much I personally appreciate it.

Not so much in a negative and vulgar connotation but in a more honest and clever way.

I want to erase the thought of a women not being able to openly express and accept themselves sexually because just as a man can be very sexually open,  a women can also. Everyone has fantasies literally no matter your gender.

Gypsy Rose was just a song I wrote for a childhood friend back home to show my love and appreciation for her.

SSB: You’re busy working in several areas, but what’s next in the music area?

OMEGA: New music, collaborations with a some well known artist in the music industry, music videos and a new project releasing in the Summer of 2018.

It will be worth the wait.


SSB: Thank you Omega!

Poetically yours



Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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