KUIZZ & Haneri – An Organic Collaboration


Discovered in May, KUIZZ is this songwriter and producer  from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who released his debut EP « Till The End » featuring his single  « Uncool », which amassed over 100k plays on Spotify.
Now the boy is back again with a new collaboration that features the voice of Haneri.
They both make an organic collaboration.
Matching such a cathy, even punchy beat, with such light vocal, from both the singers, is an interesting association.
They both bring out emotion in a beautful way, and Haneri is the true blessing for the track.
The two originally met whilst on a writing trip in Los Angeles and worked on a couple demos together to pitch for other artists.
A few months later on a brief trip to Malaysia, Haneri dropped by Maveriq Studios to link up with KUIZZ again to co-write and record a track he produced initially for another artist.
Within a couple of hours, the song « Silences » was made and KUIZZ felt Haneri brought the song to a place where other artists he worked with previously weren’t able to.
« Silences is about a relationship drifting apart caused by miscommunication and unspoken words » adds KUIZZ.

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