Nora Rothman – Beautiful And Calming Voice Of A Young Singer And Actress

The delight of her lightness
The definition for softness
The kind of feels you get in your dreams only
The crack of a smile on the face
The calming effect of many beautiful sounds…
Nora Rothman’s voice is that soothing – and it’s a truth –
Hit the replay button before her voice smoothly hits you back – and it’s a dare.
Truth or Dare is one of indie singer/songwriter Nora Rothman‘s song off of her her self-titled debut EP expected for this summer.
As an avid feminist and political voice, Rothman moved to Boulder, CO working as a field organizer for the Hillary Clinton campaign and after a six month hiatus, before the making of her EP.
Recorded at The Fortress LA in downtown Los Angeles, the EP will feature three spine-tingling tracks that highlight Rothman’s dynamic vocal range and intimate songwriting.
All songs on the EP were written and arranged by Nora Rothman and produced by Grammy-nominated Felix McTeigue (Radio Perfecto, Florida Georgia Line), Drew Guido (Ingrid Michelson, Sara Bareilles),and Nora Rothman. The EP was mixed by Drew Guido, mastered by Amar Lal, and engineered by Adam Lathrum and Brian Harris.
As the daughter of Tom Rothman (Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment) and Jessica Harper (Actress), it’s a fact that arts and entertainment are what Nora eats, thinks and breathes, every single day in her life.
Finding a relief in music while struggling with an anxiety disorder, you could say Music has saved her life, pretty much as she immersed herself in songwriting and vocal studies.
Nora Rothman found her sound in the acoustic style, never without her ukulele, a mesmerizing chorus that describes best her feelings, overall a pop sensibility with 70s-esque folk arrangements, after graduating from Brown University with honors in Creative Writing
“This song is about negative spaces. The moment in time when we’re defined by what’s missing, rather than what is.
Those sentiments came out in a kind of off-the-wall, cheery way. Like a little deranged, perhaps.
I teamed up with my amazing friend Jessica Apperson to cook up some eerie harmonies, and kept everything else very simple.” –  Nora Rothman
Nora is the kind of artist that wouldn’t settle in one category.
After proving she can sing and create beautiful pieces, she now proves she can be an actress, appearing both on stage and screen.
As a professional vocalist, Rothman soloed at the KJazz Fall Benefit Concert, toured through Italy, played at the inaugural Life is Beautiful Festival in Vegas, and collaborated with visionary director Nathan Kim on their video “Strange // Humanshapes.

As an actress, Rothman has starred in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and acclaimed indie film, Hunky Dory, a musical with a rock culture infused with David Bowie influence.
She’s the full kind of actress, multi-skilled, both singing and acting.



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