Jack Berry: Rock, Some Like It Hard


The heavy groove of the drums coupled with the loudly and expressive vocals

Shall make you nod your head then wave your hair as the song goes on.

While the drums are dominant here and are the main arguments to agree on the fact that ‘Coal’ is a dynamic and catchy piece,

The guitar strings gives its metallic color to the song extracted from the forthcoming LP ‘Mean Machine’, by Nashville-based singer Jack Berry, and have you diving into an alt/blues universe of a rocker,

Driving you through wilderness, and leaving you breathless.

His LP is anticipated for May 13th.

Berry has logged dozens of shows from Nashville to New York City.

He most recently appeared at No Country For New Nashville’s December showcase in 2015

And earned the runner-up spot in Hard Rock Rising’s Battle of the Bands.

May 7th is his album release party at Mercy Lounge




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