Joshua Luke Smith – When You Finally Find Your Own Home

Spoken word of a man in search of his true identity

Spoken truth of a man who has stopped lying to himself and stared loving his own self

Heartfelt self-expression of a man, thinking again about his journey before finally coming back home.

Joshua Luke Smith, made this song about ‘coming home’ and defines home as:

“An identity without illusion, without the confusion of trying to be someone we are not.”

Indeed, “we all get distracted, disappointed and at times disillusioned with who we are
and where we’re at but there’s hope in knowing you can change direction,
there’s hope in knowing you can always return home.”

When you know this, you can’t help but think of some of the concepts of To Pimp A Butterfly,

Where you come back home looking for answers,

Where you learn how to break free from the peer pressure (that can institutionalized your mind sometimes),

Where you learn that “You ain’t gotta lie to kick it [momma says]”

And where you also learn the concept of loving yourself.

This 25-year-old wordsmith and philosophy graduate has managed to combine his love of words and music to inspire people to break free from their own limitations.

Produced and directed by Of Dust and Stars (, Carry me is one inspirational song.


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