Pip Hall -This Is Escapist Music

A daughter may have lost her father but never has she lost her love for her father

Daddy’s little girl sings with her Daddy’s haunting soul in her voice, and it echoes

The flash of the memories, the vulnerable feelings, the struggle and the pain

She does contain then happen to pen along her music and storytelling.

Pip Hall, already discovered previously on Sounds So Beautiful, is making open-hearted music.

‘James’ is the latest single and title track taken from Hall’s new EP released on the 10th March via My Little Empire Records and available here.

This is a moving tribute to her late father, she lost at a very young age.

This song stand for all the times that she would walk down memory lane then feel weak in her knees, falling to vulnerability.

Pip explains growing up without her dad and the way she’d reason the loss: “I’d often come up with scenarios in my head that involved him being in hiding or playing a joke on us and that it was all just a really elaborate plan to test me”.

The whole EP is consistent and homogeneous. The guitar chords, the dreamy layers of the keyboards and the calm yet melancholic voice, are the hallmark of Pip Hall’s music.

This is escapist music, with a voice to breathe out thoughts and despair along a dreamy instrumentation.


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