Wayfarers – A Duo That Rocks

They’ve seen the lights of Los Angeles, drove along the lines that led to New York,

Multiple trips and many stories to tell or to sing along uplifting melodies and catchy rhythms,

They may come from far away, but they’ll feel close to you someway 

They’re Wayfarers, and their music will make you feel good.

Wayfarers is that American Pop duo, formed by two artists from LA and NY, Katie Cecil and Anthony Purpura.

Two ridiculously creative artists, with a great background.

Katie Cecil was a former guitarist of the all-girl rock band KSM (Walt Disney / Buena Vista Records), and Anthony Purpura, was formerly played in bands such as For the Foxes (Hopeless Records) and Stereo Skyline (Columbia Records).

They’ve released their latest single KINGS, a piece of the musical maturity that they’re reaching.

The crack in the singer’s voice, supported by the enhanced back vocals that add something bigger, something major, not far from the anthem, only right for a single title KING

The guitar riff that brings the bit of the funk on loop along the track and the beat of the drums, uptempo, are perfectly thought to make the listeners rock the dance floor, express themselves, making it their style.

The duo met years ago already, while both were touring in other bands.

Cecil used to be in KSM which toured with acts like Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers, 

While Purpura was in a band called For The Foxes, which toured with acts such as Echosmith and The Summer Set.

Now they’re making music together, matching new ideas in an organic way, staying true to their distinctive hallmark: major chorus, Pop anthems, spontaneous energy, dancing beats for a feel-good experience.

So far, they’re getting a lot of attention from Manhattan to Los Angeles and even London, with more than 920K streams on Spotify.

In addition, the duo has had their infectious songs featured in ads by companies such as Shoedazzle, Facebook, Verizon, and more.



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