James Francis – Feel Good Vibes Straight Out Of South London


This is a refreshing discovery from South London.

Along an overwhelming and dancing beat James Francis soulfulffy voices one  uplifting message that aspires to “fly from the leap of faith”, to believe anything is possible; “want it all” is the mantra.

Furthermore, these catchy rhythmes uptempo tease you to go and get it all.

The drums and hi-hat settle the whole groove, the hamonies on the keys bring out all the smooth and the dynamic vocals, as and as soulful, makes it overwhelwing, the hook, ulimate signature of the track.

South London based artist, James Francis invites you to come feel the groove and fel inspired.

Great singer from his young ages, his resume includes talents competition winning, and tours with chart topping UK artist JP Cooper, and shows at the Royal Albert Hall with Josh Groban. You may also have caught his cameo TV performance in Tesco’s Pilgrim’s Choice advert!

His debut single, released on the 25th August 2017, video out since September 1st,  Want it All, is a bold manifesto of a life with no limits where anything is possible.

His EP is expected in Spring 2018.

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