Alicia Rae – Brave Children Battling Cancer

“If the lights shut off, and it’s my turn to settle down

My main concern : promise that you will sing about me

Promise that you will sing about me” (Kendrick Lamar)

Once upon a time, a little princess named Maddie Graceas strong as the bravest warrior

Has been fighting all her life the harsh battle against Leukemia for the fifth time.

Her real strength, and at the end her victory, was to stand still with an unconditional happy smile on her face.

Courage, innocence and love, was the motto, and the recipe to be happy despite the struggle.

Today, it’s been already one year since the little princess became a little angel, earning her wings to the Heavens.

In memory of her courage, her friend Alicia Rae, Washington DC based singer-songwriter, decided to sing about her with her song Little Warrior.

As she explains:

“I wanted this song to be a reminder for her to keep living life the way I’d always seen her live it… with strength, courage, a smile, a sense of wonder, innocence, and so much love.

On October 20, 2015, Maddie earned her wings, and we miss her every day. I hope that this song can remind all of the little warriors out there to keep fighting, stay innocent, and lean on love.

“Love, my only answer is LOVE” – Maddie Grace, Warrior Princess.


This song is not only moving, but it also raises awareness on children battling cancer.

That’s why a portion of the proceeds are going to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer.

You can purchase the single here.

Alicia Rae’s songwriting is a delightful experience

With a voice as fresh as the cool breeze that brings the evening chill.

When she sings, it’s time to lay down, and smile eyes closed.

She plays music with love and soul, with an enjoyable soft pop style.



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