The Naked Eye opens “New eyes” after a year of introspection

Gonna take a little moment to be still
Gonna be a little lighter with uncertainty
Shaking off the energy that was never mine to carry

“Letting Go”

Francesca, aka The Naked Eye (a collaborative project), released her new EP “New eyes” on March 17th. Sounds so Beautiful already made you hear her soothing voice when her first EP was out.

At some point, journaling was one of the best occupations during lockdown last year. The London-based, French-English, and singer-songwriter did it musically and is now ready to share it with the world.

The Naked Eye

The meaning of the EP

“I wanted to convey a feeling in the songwriting of when you haven’t seen a film, book or a painting in a while and when you return to it, you notice something different she explained on social media. “New Eyes” inspired it all. This song is about doing it all again with that special someone. This song deals with sharing a new perspective:

I’ve seen your many colours
Can’t describe why I’m so surprised
Loving you many more times again
But this time with new eyes

An intimate diary

“New Eyes” was the first song completed before the lockdown in spring last year. The other 4 songs were born during this peculiar period, resulting in this musical diary to be shared with intimate friends.

Wish of a new start reverberate in “Brave Hope”: “Start again with you, writing a new beginning (…) Can we start again? (…) It feels like heaven again, we’re making plans again”. Last year was tough for everyone, but she refocused on what she wants for her future. Those moments appear definitely helpful to boost her self-love.

That is what emerges from “New Eyes” songs: a whole lot of sweetness and melodies to bring either serenity or melancholy.

Sensational collaborations

The casting of musicians featured in the EP sounds very interesting, from Moo Latte, to Femi Tomowo, Ruby Wood, Alice Auer, and Conor Albert. All of them bring sensibility, harmonies, and sincerity to deliver a fresh point of view of what’s life now; the fear, the love, the pain, but also its beauty.

The Naked Eye already released two EPS: “The Naked Eye” in 2016 and “Covers” in 2020.

Furthermore, The Naked Eye is known to be 1/5th of the global female/non-binary artist collective Her Songs. This team is composed of artists from all over the world: Marie Dahlstrom, Emmavie, Emily C. Browning and, Dani Murcia are also a part of it. They first met in the City of Angels backin 2018.

They all put their inspiration and creativity into music to create their debut EP “Los Angeles”. They met again in 2019 and recorded two more EPS in Toronto: “Toronto Vol 1.” and Vol 2. named “Lost A Little”.

Her Songs is born out of an observation: not feeling as confident as you should while you’re a woman or a gender minority in a room full of men. Men still dominate the music industry. Nevertheless, Her Songs’ members want to break the codes and breathe new life by supporting each other in writing and producing.

They even encourage people to share their favorite artists by using the hashtag #hersongsgirlsongs. They undertake to do the same as well and to promote these talents. Her Songs is creating a new community step by step, where everyone is welcome to spread the power of music.

Mélanie Domergue

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