Petula Clark – Tribute

A tribute to Petula Clark.
Is she French ? Is she British ?
Well, Petula, whose name’s been given thanks to her father’s “creativity” associating two different first names : Pet and Ulla, to make Petula.
… Anywho, let’s not  talk about her father’s humor,
Since today’s topic is a tribute to her great carrer in the music industry!
Petula Sally Olwen Clark is from a straight up British family.
But she spent some time in the country of Froggies.
Her French then was already pretty awesome when she was still little girl.
Proof is : she sang for the first time at 9 for the BBC.
Many of you discovered this lady thanks to her worldwide known song so-called Downtown, that place where people go
When they got nowhere else to go, you know.
Now, even if Downtown is the bomb, definitely,
I’d like to listen one my favorite songs from this living legacy ;


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