Djib Stanford: The Soulful Singer

Djib Stanford: The Soulful Singer

Softly floating on soulful vibes up to flood that mind of yours

Djib Stanford is getting back with this Beyoncé cover, ‘Ring Off’.

Smooth and Chill are the two flavors that enliven his Rhythm and Blues style.

As long as his Soul is still jazzing, he keeps on blessing his listeners with his philosophy of Life and Music;

Life and Music, besides, is the title of his album that you’ve already discovered.

Listening to one of this singer’s work shall ring a bell, then bring nothing but good things to your peace of mind:

From great compositions such as « Brand New Heart », Djib Stanford braces up to the making of his brand new album.

The Beyoncé cover, Ring Off, was a first introduction to

An album that sounds even more RnB than the previous one

Which was quite jazzy and soulful.

Complete singer and songwriter: sometimes smooth, some other times strong,

His voice is his gift, an amazing thing he’s sharing when he sings.

Djib is applying a strong dedication on this production, and we remain in anticipation to get much more from his artistic inspirations.

Follow him:

The following song is another example of his worth, work and versatile voice.

Which actually hooks you up to a surprising and aerial experience:

To conclude, let’s end it up with a cool jazzy note:

Marcus Gon

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