Loulou Lamotte – When Love Is Stronger Than Hate

And this is the meaning of turning the other cheek.

It is absolutely not about being weak at all, it actually takes a huge amount of strength

To give Love when you receive Hate, to give blessings when you get screwed.

Loulou Lamotte is among the ones who’ve understood that when you put light towards the dirtiest and most blurred mirror, the mirror keeps reflecting the light anyway.

Thus addressing love, positivity and peace of mind to a troubled mind and hurtful behaviors, instead of anger and negativity

Shall be the solution to improve situations and heal relationships, and avoid a vicious circle of hatred.

Loulou Lamotte, aka Lady Lamotte, based in Malmo, Sweden, discovered on Scandinavian Soul, has blessed our Sunday with this piece, ‘Pray For You’ and its message:

‘Hating is never worth it’.

Soulful Loulou is smooth and soothes your mind, blow your mind, and makes sure you will remember her voice ; her vocals and the ongoing trumpet in the back seem to be her signature

After a few works in 2015, she’s back with her debut single ‘Pray For You’, from her upcoming EP ‘Almost There’ in collaboration with producer Björn “Sketch” Edqvist, coming on August 13th!



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