Sounds So Stunning – This Pianist Plays A Kendrick Lamar’s TPAB Piano Cover

He goes by the YouTube username of PiaOwned and definitely owns one mastered dexterity at it fingertips

Having both his hands dancing and hopping onto these white and black keys, letting resonate the vibrating harmonies of the best Black Music.

Black Music indeed, as PianOwned has the gift to translate a classic hip-hop song into one classic piano play as you can testify within a click:

PianOwned actually realized a playlist of 13 cover songs translating the To Pimp A Butterfly into a jazzier point of view.

We all know how much jazzy and soulful and funky is the album.

These are the musical roots that make the album so unapologetically Black

Discovering this man playing this album on his piano, as a musician really takes you back to the fundamentals of creating, writing and composing music.

Discovering this man playing this masterpiece did resonate with the video “Making Of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ “ which you view here:

In this Making Of, one the musicians having contributed to the album production explains how songs were actually produced.

So he goes, as an illustration, playing the skeleton of the song For Free‘ one skeleton moving by itself due to all these jazzy vibes in it.

You’ll notice in this demonstration the will to place a chaotic atmosphere, similar to those XXth Century’s night club,

Bathing into raw jazz, spoken word, early stand ups, booze and loose hookers until the morning dew..

PianOwned’s covers a short extract of this surrounding atmosphere as well (For Free?)

For Sale? is even more explicit:

Talking about the very first track ever produced for the TPAB album (as has said Kendrick Lamar),

How Much A Dollar Cost, He confides himself on his Facebook Page:
“This was a powerful song to cover and I’ve been getting some great appreciation in the comments. Maybe this video takes more ‘discovering’ than others as it takes about a minute to get to the melody, and then it’s still a slow evolution for the rest of the recording. By the way my webcam is really temperamental and I’m just glad that it froze and threw the audio/video out of sync at the end rather than the beginning! Would have been such a waste of a recording… and far from the first time it’s happened” pianowned

His version of King Kunta is kind of a dark version, like something lurking in the shades of the place from where shall return the Avenger.

Avenger, yes, cause as they mention in the Makin Of, ther’s actually a crossover with James Brown’s song “PayBack”

You see it in the lyrics: in both songs you’ll read ‘I’m Mad’ or ‘I can dig rapping’, both on a ongoing funky bass bar and drum beat

Perhaps U might be missing, yet the Soul and the Latin vibes in I are present, and this hopping fingertips make you stand up on your dancing feet

A cover truly loyal to the original, well, to the Isley Brothers

The rest of the track list is here:
Wesley Theory
Hood Politics
 You Ain’t Gotta Lie
Complexion (Zulu Love)
The Blacker The Berry
Mortal Man

This man does it all and he makes it look too easy (but it’s not)!

Let’s end this with one favorite These Walls, psychedelic jazzy flavors;

By the way you can get his originals on his YouTube Channel or right here

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