Michael McQuaid – A New Woman, A New Life

Player usually hangs out, cheering, before he falls from his party life – bad hangover.

Player falls again, ashamed, yet fortunate to grab the hand of his Game Changer.

Vices taken for ambient vibes, bad habits gone, Player has put his life together.

Drives his car to meet the lady that drives him crazy (in love), with no care for gas money.

That’s how Michael McQuaid found himself driving 26 Miles on empty, as he sings in his last single for the girl that helped him quite his party life.

Indeed, three years ago, Nashville artist Michael McQuaid was going through what many would call a severe “party boy” phase, until he met Jasmine, a stylist and fashion blogger who had her life together, had tamed McQuaid.

To give the tale of this encounter with his life changer, McQuaid partners with rapper Hudson East and they both create a vibe together, a vibe to fit a late night drive.

This will of associating such a downtempo vibe to a night drive recalls the definition of the Toronto sound, according to the likes of Drake.

McQuaid enjoys collaboraing and Hudson East was not his first. He partnered with soulful singer Brittney Spencer.

Nice things are to be appreciated with a bit of Soul and blues vibes through this electro/RnB type of sound.


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