Aleko – Waiting For A Lifelong Desire


Some chase and pursuit love and happiness.

Some other stand still and wait for it to happen.

Question is: will the chasing one ever run into the awaiting one?

And if so, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Singer-songwriter Aleko (born Alexandros Doukopoulos) is wondering the same question in his song ‘Waiting’.

This new song; emotionally charged, has been released October 27th, and follows his successful EP Amity, released last year.


Soulful is the composition, timeless are the guitar chords.

The tempo suggests that time is slowing down, until the explosive second chorus,

Climax of the storytelling, explained by Aleko:

“The storytelling stance of these lyrics is that the first half portrays someone who’s just been waiting for something to happen, to actually love someone in a way that no-one else has loved them.

The second half is referencing someone who’s been openly searching, wearing their heart on their sleeve, and loving everyone who gives them the time of day; unfortunately, never having it reciprocated.

I like to think there’s a connection between these two people, sort of like two halves of a whole.”

This authentic single is the perfect rendition of the feels of someone overthinking and endlessly waiting for a lifelong desire.

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