Magana – Soothing Voice & Golden Tongue



Green eyes and hair bright like gold

In her mirror, she watches a young face grown old

Trusting the words of a Golden Tongue

A smooth talker who’s used to overlooking the words of a quiet girl

A smooth talker who’s used to overlooking the world of a girl on fire.

Untold secrets are written all over her face fading like old photographs.

You need to listen to her voice to discover what’s in her mind and brain.

Golden Tongue is the title of Magana’s EP, released this October 28th.

Photographer, and singer-songwriter has been building her career for years,

Making covers, recording commercial jingles, touring with bands in New York.

This EP is a new milestone for the artist and her craft,

Exposing her true color, her own universe built after countless hours and days of work.


As Jeni Magana, Brooklyn-based artist explains this EP is “about smooth talkers and not letting yourself feel silenced by them.

I feel like being a quiet person, in addition to being a female, makes it easy for people to overlook my words and this is a chance for me to carve out a space for myself to speak.”

Her voice, haunting yet relaxing, is the rendition of a weary Soul, losing sleep over nostalgic thoughts and mixed feelings, on her lonesome.

The playful guitar chords speak even more than Magana’s heartfelt lyrics.

Either they picture a colorful dialogue or they suggest a smooth, seductive and hypnotic dance.

If her voice recalls the vibes and the calm of Cat Power, the guitar chords recalls Lianne La Havas’ style.

The EP is available on Spotify and Bandcamp including her debut single Get It Right:




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