Andria Simone: Powerful Voice Onto The Next Level

Like a flavored flower she’s blooming to a new season, like a fierce fist she’s booming in our ears. Her side-effect: mind-blowing.

The Soul in her voice never expressed itself so loud, the Blues on her mind never blew one’s mind this way,

As for the Funk and the Groove of her band, they never made your hips Rock and then roll this way! This is new level, a Big Banging evolution.

Andria Simone has released this past month her brand new album titled ‘Evolve (Evolution Through Vibration)‘ on GKM in March 2015 and,

Only 18 months after the release of her first album, ‘Good Lovin’‘, managed with the help of her producer, Greg Kavanagh,

To shape a songwriting style that catches her most heart-felt emotions expressed in a voice that mastered its own powerful fierceness.

Evolution - Andria Simone

Besides the evolution regarding to her artistic direction, ‘Evolve’ is way more banging, expressive, vivid and richer.

These effects are due to the fact that this is much more a band record than the previous release was itself.

This band allows the mixture of various tastes along the tracks: in a song like ‘Revealed’  you can go from  some Bluesy vibes of the keyboard upon a Groovy rhythme that slowly leads you to some epic Rock’n’Roll experience.

This band overflows of inspirations and jamming all kind of music vibes and glowing with various musical colors, could create a gigantic (brain)storm,

This band is united as one strong team, surrounding Andria, beating heart of this project.

Much more testifying to the progress onto this looking-good music journey, Andria’s new album features a reedition of ‘Nothing Comes Easy’,

Voices there are much impressive, and the interpretation has a much bigger impact.

For instance the choice of putting an accent on the vocals voicing ‘You’, as if  Andria Simone puts a spell on “You”, communicates more the actual feeling expressed in her speech.

Finally, besides this huge work on the vocals, the instrumentals can be considered as the secret ingredients, key succes factors of this delightful musical recipe.

As confides Andria: “This refreshing eclecticism comes naturally, she says. “Greg, I, and every person in the band like different styles of music. George is into rock, Dave loves jazz and ’90s indie rock, Mark loves pop, r ‘n b and soul, Brian loves jazz, and Anthony was more of a funk guy. I’m a blues and psychedelic rock kinda girl. If you can get approval from every person involved on a song then we know we are hitting all the bases. Moving forward, that means we can get into blues, jazz, rock and pop fests, and I’m super pumped about that.”

This evolution is leading her to the peak of her potential, although there’s no need to be ashamed of what she did achieve previously which made great impression.

One last word about this album ‘Evolve’: if I had to recommend you one, that’d be ‘Doctor Groove’, with its sound that can heal your feelings

Plus the reference to the Ghost Buster’s Anthem is enjoyble.

Listen to this new album here: Andria – GKM

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