Maria Estrella Aggabao: “Mysterious” – Review


Maria Estrella Aggabao

Maria Estrella Aggabao is a singer/songwriter currently living in Baltimore, Maryland.

Of Filipino descent, she grew up in East Orange, New Jersey where she was guided on explorations in music from classic rock to R&B to rap.

Songwriting is her biggest passion.

Her vocals have been featured in several projects from rock to electronica.

With a background in theater, classical voice and dance, she loves to challenge herself musically using a fusion of musical expression.

Her biggest musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Debarge, and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam.

She attributes listening to trip hop and Chicago house music as pivoting her into writing her own compositions.


Diving into the unknown, we’re invited to the mysterious Maria Estrella Aggabao’s universe

Drawn by the lines of her imaginative songs and vibes.

Writing verses revealing an overthinking mind looking for answers.

Influenced by Erykah Badu’s musical style, she produces neo-soul/electronic tracks like “Mysterious”

It’s all about a haunting mystery (haunting vocals along the tracks)

And a feeling of standing on something unsteady; the vocals in “Waterslide” give a well rendition of this feeling.

These unsteady vibes lead to the eponymous track “Maria Estrella Aggabao”,

The most ongoing song, the most Erykah Badu and Chaka Khan’s influenced track, recalling the 80’s.

Maybe the track of self-awareness in all this mystery.


However, going back to “How Could I Know”, we get kind of get into that loop in a mysterious cycle.

Looking for self on and on again, for a never-ending journey to truly know yourself.

Maria will be performing at the 2016 Light City festival in Baltimore coming up in March with her electronic ambient collaboration, Makina Project.


Marcus Gon

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