Joey Aich: “You Got A Dream, You Gotta Protect It”

Snapshots, produced by Jolley, UK beat maker is the main track of Joey Aich’s from Cleveland, Ohio, newly released album, titled AichFiles.

This one is a new accomplishment for this rapper, dreamer, a worker sticking to his goal to fulfill his aspirations,

And this can  be inspiration for others:

“I dream of using my music as an outlet to travel the world through touring and i’m focused to make that dream become a reality.

This is a special song to me, and hopefully in a few years I can do the things I’ve always wanted to do as a child.

I also want people to hear this song and know that anything that they put their heart to is possible, just believe.”

Dreams only dreams if work don’t follow (Institutionalized – Kendrick Lamar)

So Joey works hard for that. Ambition rhymes with Dedication, then rhymes with Evolution:

“My aspirations for this album are to reach a new level for myself”

You can get yourself his album for free right here:

This album is a response to those looking down to him and his aspirations.

AIch Files, second project (he’s most proud of) since College D.egree, his debut album; here’s an extract:

Besides, Aich Files is the album that helps him communicate the fact that he’s not just a young MC

Whose raps relate random facts of his College student life.

He’s actually thinking of a real hip-hop project, and be able to say “yo I can spit! I’m more than a rapper talking about getting messed up on the weekend and skipping class to right papers.”

His new album is a kind of revenge then: your best revenge is your success.

Joey considered getting deeper in the messages of his songwriting then shared his vision for this album with us:

What has been your journey making this new album? Tell me about your creative process.

“The journey making this album has been a cool but crazy one. I did a lot of reflection with this album. Its my way of telling my story when it comes to music and my musical journey.

I admit a lot of it was done to sort of laugh back at the people who said getting this far wasn’t possible. For example, songs like Greyhound and Menison are aggressive for a reason.

A girl kicked me off stage when I was performing a song at school because I was “overtime,”

And she treated me like I wasn’t being asked by other schools and promoters to perform so I wanted to prove people like her wrong.

There are stories behind majority of the tracks, but there are also songs like Snapshots and Graffiti Murals which are used to show I still have more to accomplish

Another creative process was listening to a lot of Pharcyde.
I think I listen to Bizzare Rides probably 100+ times straight through to get a creative vibe.
I liked listening to how they sounded and how they creative different sounds. I was very inspired by that album. ”

What are your aspirations from this new album?
“I was blessed with College D.egree to be about to show my peers that music was a dream of mine and I wasn’t just someone setting up a mic and rapping to pass time.
It also allowed me to get on stage and perform.
I opened up for some cool people like Alex Wiley, Nitty Scott, Sir Michael Rocks, Ken Rebel and even headlined a show from College D.egree.

So now with AichFiles I want to push it and progress and advance to a new level.
I want to eventually get out of the stage of Ohio and perform. Hear a song of mine on the radio.

I was blessed with the chance to open up for my ideal, Asher Roth, from this project so things are going well, but as usual its never enough and I just want more…

I want AichFiles to be the one that in a year or so say people say “wow, AichFiles really changed every thing,” or “AichFiles helped me out” in anyway possible.”

Obviously I want this project to help me make a steady living, but that’s not always the motive.

One funny story that happens along shows.

“I was performing in Columbus and after the performance I’m selling tees and this young girl probably in middle school or early high school gets one and she’s like do you have a sharpie.
In my mind I’m like sharpie for what, but I got one and she’s like can you autograph my shirt.
I did it and seeing her walk away with her friends and say “I’m wearing this tomorrow” hit me in a way that I won’t ever forget. ”

What has been the evolution since College Degree?


[By the way, this is a beautiful mix of Jazzy Blues background, with these hip-hop flavors]

“The evolution from College D.egree overall have been I’m more confident as a writer, recorder, and person.

I used to go to the studio and record a song and never revisit it and then release it. I didn’t edit my stuff. I didn’t listen to it and see how I could make a song better.

Everyone loves Smooth Hardcore, and I do too don’t get me wrong, but there are times I listen to it and I beat myself up because I could have spend 1 or 2 more sessions making it better.

In my voice I can tell I’m more confident. I think people can hear I’m more confident. I just took and take myself more seriously now and really invest in myself and my craft.


Thanks Joey. Protect your dream and go get it!

Marcus Gon

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