Valley Shine: As Sweet As It Can Be

Valley Shine: As Sweet As It Can Be

Quirky and catchy, this lively and delightful duo, Valley Shine, invites you to taste their candy-flavored  unique folk-pop sound.

Their smile so wide and bright, won’t hide the pride they must have about their new single titled « Sugar Dream »,


The cheerfulness that they share in their voices and in this video, provides an addictive pleasure that can’t be sugar-coated.

This single is already available on ITunes and Amazon.

valley shine

Valley Shine consists in a charming fair-haired songwriter,Jenna Blake, from  Louisville, KY

Keen on traditional bluegrass music and roots rock like CCR, CSNY and Joni Mitchell,

She once upon a time  (in 2014) was in search of a writing partner with an appreciation for folk music and the same passion for songwriting.

The fate has brought Sam Sobelman on her way, nd the two met up to see if there was any musical chemistry.

Whiskey were their Muse during the songwriting sessions, and, cats used to amuse them

And bluegrass is their common ground. Upon that ground,  they quickly discovered their songwriting styles were a perfect match

For beeautiful sounds, beside the sound of their laughs:


Marcus Gon

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