Sophia Ben-Yousef: Merseyside Jewel

North Western wind from Merseyside has blown beneath the wings of this bird singing in your ears.

Mersey’s flows are waving to the vibes of her voice. Overwhelming mellow mood,

Wellness is what she provides: when this songstress breathes her freshness, she blesses the place; what a blaze!

Her name is Sophia Ben-Yousef, one outstanding 18 year-old singer-songwriter who bloomed in Liverpool.

Performing with many established artists, such as KOF, JP Cooper, Matthew Perryman Jones, Bill Ryder Jones and MOBO award winners Esco Williams and Jahaziel

This little bird has definitely established her own nest among these confirmed artists, assuring a strong reputation in the industry.

Her fame is taking shape. Indeed, Summer 2014 was one great sunny period for Sophia,

As she performed all 4 days of Liverpool international Music Festival (LIMF) on different stages,

Including the ‘itsliverpool’ stage and was named as the ‘One to Watch’ 2014 LIMF and ‘Getintothis’ – Liverpool Echo 2015.

For this coming summer, she’s back with her brand new original song: “I’m Yours”.

This mesmerizing, soothing and highly well produced song, with Sophia’s voice matching the whites and blacks keys of her piano,

Is a new step towards Sophia’s perfection:

The long and deep breath in the chorus, emphasizes the idea of this tender-loving woman claiming to belong to her beloved,

The strength impulsed on the verbs, and lyrics along the verses are the nice interpretation of a confused mind and begging heart

Strength to oppose to the mellow melody of the chorus where the songstress seems to fall back in the arms of her beloved standing at her back (in her imagination).

The songwriting, enchanting and captivating, inspires you some kind of feelings and visualization: this is how Sophia sets as an ‘Immersive’ soulful singer.

However, how tasty could be the good flavors of a track like ‘I’m Yours’, her best track remains ‘All I Need” (for now).

The vibes in this song, matching an intense and communicating voice with a bumping instrumentation,

Translating haunting, addictive, impulsive and exclusive feelings… “if you know what I mean”.

Besides, this masterpiece, listed in the Top 30 Tracks in Merseyside 2014, has been sampled by Joziff Jordan (aka  Dev BBC radio 1):

Sophia has regular airplay and live sessions on BBC Introducing Merseyside and BBC Radio Lancashire, and a variety of radio stations in Europe and the US.

She  will be supporting Akala at STAR Festival at Preston Guild Hall in July and

She can be very excited to be part of the LIMF Commission – ‘The Revolution will be live’ performing alongside Mos Def, The Christians, Azwad, Malik and the O.G.’s in August this year at St. Georges Hall, Liverpool.

Shall you enjoy this playlist, to get the taste of her live performances:

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