Ted Z and the Wranglers: Knocking On Heaven’s Door

On the road again, Ted Z and the Wranglers, of Southern California, catch up the train

Driving into an arid landscape, reflect of the rawness of humanity, recalling their childhood imagination

As the clouds, up in the bluesy sky, pass by the windows.

In both their aging eyes, there’s love to be read and sang, sometimes with regret.

However, with all this Blues in their soul, Ted Z and the Wranglers follow the rails that’ll lead them to their Heaven:

There peacefully remains the poetry of their soul; a poetry you can hear through the talk of their picking guitar.

“Go Find Your Heaven is the very first release with their new label Rip Cat Records.

Ted Z is the lead singer, and not only sings, but actually shares tales of love, regret, getting older, and getting in trouble.

The Wranglers is a main ingredient to this good folkie recipe, which consists of

Dan Mages (bass), Mike Myers (drums, vocals), and Jackson Leverone (lead and slide guitar, vocals).

The band has honed its sound on big stages and in biker bars alike, playing and performing in major festivals and cities throughout the country.

They’ve already released 3 EP’s, ‘Like A King’ is their latest project, from last year.

Ball and Chain is part of this musical treasure.

This year, Ted Z and the Wranglers are getting back with  Rip Cat Records.

Their first label release, Ghost Train, was recorded at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, TX and produced by the famed Monty Byrom (Big House, Eddie Money).

Ghost Train goes on sale October 16th, 2015 online and in stores across the nation.

Photo: Dustinmartinphotoandfilms

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