Rachel Kerr – Impactful Anthem, Alive Despite The Hard Knock Life


“I woke up this morning, I woke up this morning… I got a smile when I say that […] I woke up this morning” – Chance The Rapper – Somewhere In Paradise

Collapse into the depth of the valley of shadow and death,

Left with nothing but sorrow, in the dead of night,

Until the break of dawn, proof for new tomorrow, in the heat of the morning,

Blessed for many moons, blooms anew that one who can testify the bliss to feel Alive.

British singer/songwriter, celebrity vocal coach and entrepreneur from Walsall, England, also the CEO and founder of Singercise, online singing school,

Rachel Kerr impacts the audience with powerful overcomer anthem Alive, lead single of highly anticipated debut album, expected for 2018.

Meaningful piece, the ambition behind it is to convey an uplifting feeling, share an overwhelming strength, allow a second breathe. The goal is definitely to empower and inspire the listener.

The single is a perfect blend of traditional Gospel, and Contemporary R&B, rooted with African sounds.

The addictive hook, actually the mentra “I’m Alive”, screams a massive message, a word of positivity and victory, embodied by a woman of character. In the video, she’s standing like a leader, someone who can paint the pain yet stands up again and head up remains. Rachel Kerr is high on life, despite the hard knock life.

Her charisma and impressive vocal skills are often compared to Beyoncé’s, and she’s quite as mind-boggling when you listen to her.



Alive is already poised to feature in a hit movie next year and you may hear it on a major TV show next spring.

As a MOBO award winning for Best Gospel Act, she recently performed her single in front of the audience, among neo-soul singer Floacist (one-half of Grammy-nominated duo Floetry), jazz/soul singer Zara McFarlane (who won Best Jazz Act in the 2014 MOBO Awards), and many other prestigious artists.

Her performance is nothing short of magnificent, with stunning vocals are supported by a spectacular orchestration.

Her band creates heavenly music. Such organic and heartfeld energy is nothing but glorious. Believer or not, Rachel Kerr’s faith is communicative, and breathes a feeling of joy and hope.

This way, she’s reaching her goal to appear as ‘The Bridge’ between Contemporary RnB & Inspirational Music as she effortless and unapologetic transcends pre-existing boundaries, boxes and labels.

Such a vision recalls the likes of Chance The Rapper who won that challenge with his Grammy award winning mixtape, Coloring Book, pure blend of Contempory Rap & Inspirational Music, breaking the codes as an independent artist.



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