The Slightlys – Starring Glee Actor: Keeping Passion and Patience

Inspirational message from band front-man Finneas O’Connell (who found success as an actor with reoccurring roles on Glee and Modern Family and in movies such as Bad Teacher):

“Inspire people to never stop working on the things they love and to remember that although being patient sucks, you’ll need to be patient if you want things to turn out right.”

There’s nothing like keeping the burning passion and remaining patient.

As far as The Slightlys are concerned, they’re now able to enjoy the fruit of their labor, having worked over one year

In the studio to record their debut EP with famed producer/engineer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Night Riots, HUNNY).

The four teenagers have then spent the four last seasons drawing on their endless creativity

In order to drop the very first single, “Desperate Measures“, from their EP coming out in 2016.

For this single, the drummer, David Marinelli, plays a crucial role.

Getting the ball rolling, he contributes to the unique musical color of this Pop’n’Roll band.

His beats gives a heavy effect, to oppose to the lightness of the wise and melodic voice, with the melancholic guitar strings (Robby Fitzpatrick), added to the bass and violen (Darius Dudley II)

When comes the chorus, the swiftness of the drums is to oppose to the slow and overwhelming vocals in chorus

Slowly screaming “torturing myself”.

These opposites rhythms, coupled with the different movements following such various tempos

Make listeners forget the notion of time, and end up listening to this song many times (too many to count).

This is, in two words, great songwriting.

Let’s end it all with the debut single of the band, “Superhero”, which might make you think of some good old Arctic Monkeys vibes,

And which attracted widespread attention leading to a dedicated fanbase

As well as offers to play such high profile festivals as The Warped Tour and The Twilight Concert Series along with iconic venues such as Club Nokia and The House of Blues.

The Slightlys - Starring Glee Actor: Keeping Passion and Patience 1


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