Julia Kahn Shines Anew With Her Single ‘Light On’

Julia Kahn is back with a cool, deep pop single Light On, produced by Bryan Todd, a multi-platinum producer and Grammy Award nominee. Haunting vocals complement slow but intricate beats, reeling the listener in and evoking a feeling of mystery.

Julia’s taking the listener to memory lane, at a dark time. The production draws a wide background, with a lot space, where echoes Julia Kahn’s heartwarming vocals. A voice of introspection resonates within this track, made for soul searching.

“Light On is a moody trip-hop track about a time when I was feeling lost and surrounded by darkness, trying to find the light and realizing I had to become it instead. I’m excited to have a music video currently in the works for this one as it will add some really interesting visuals to the atmosphere I wanted to create.” Julia says.

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