Adam Rom reveals R&B leaning single ‘You & Me’ featuring àB

After dropping his first single of 2020 in February, Adam Rom keeps the momentum up with ‘You & Me’ featuring the silky vocals of emerging talent àB.

The track is Adam’s most R&B leaning song yet and offers a fresh change in direction for the new decade.

With a swagger more commonly used in early 00’s productions, ‘You & Me’ is driven by a sample led sound and gliding organ that compliments the R&B undertones and pop sensibilities in the lyrics and melody.

“‘You & Me’ signifies the start of a more R&B/Jazz influence over my new work” Adam says. “Musically it’s more mature, the lyrical content is more personal than ever and You & Me starts this.

I remember the night when I made the instrumental for You & Me, I spent about 3/4 hours on it that night and it’s never been touched since. I wrote the song with Josh Thompson, a close collaborator of mine – we banged it out in 1 hour, it was one of those songs that just put itself together.”


The 18-year-old released his debut single ‘Obvious’ back in May, a track that has since racked up over half a million streams on Spotify and YouTube collectively. The animated record was featured as Best New Pop on BBC Radio 1 and subsequently went onto secure multiple plays and support from BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills who said, ‘If Justin Bieber did that, that would be a worldwide smash’.

This was followed up by ‘Curse’, an emotive pop track fusing trap and house elements, while Adam also made his live debut at fashion festival Tokyo Girls Collection last month.

With fruitful influences from his family throughout his youth, Adam’s musical journey began when he picked up a guitar aged 12, the drums and piano soon followed, and when he was then introduced to Logic Pro X production software, it felt like a natural progression. Armed with the skill-set needed to create his own music, he first began penning lyrics and recording tracks in the summer of 2017 and is yet to look back.

With three head-turning singles making him one to watch in 2019, Adam Rom is an artist poised to become a leading light of the British music scene in 2020.

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