Danny G & The Majors 7th ft Osmojam – All About Caring For HER

“Can you focus on me”? – HER*

Danny G is all about caring for her: his tender lover, his daughter, his motherland.

Say When offers many layers to decypher. Beyond its mellow sounds and vibes that breathe light and soothing harmonies filled up with sincere emotions, an empowering message on a societal level is being provided.

Neo Soul music is often used for awakening something in our conscious, like an enlightment. Here Danny G and Osmojam are enlightening us on a reality check.

This new single, released on October 29th, comes 4 years after the release of debut album Love Joints‘ and still follows the same type of grooving spirit.

Colorful chords on the piano, heavenly back vocals, joyful guitar licks, and catchy beat on the drums, and all that jazz is all we need for such a feel-good album. The feeling is overwhelming and it seems Danny is surrounded by angels.

After such an introduction, Danny G & The Major 7ths are back on track for a forthcoming album ‘The Lookout‘ (to be released next year on Hipdrop Records).

On October 27th, Danny celebrated the release of his debut single, opening for PJ Morton. A new gig is already announced in Feb 2019 for the album.

Danny G & The Majors 7th ft Osmojam - All About Caring For HER 1

Back on the meaning behind Say When is a love song: an apology to a partner for not paying her enough attention, for not listening.

Danny G takes the first verse, full of promise and remorse. The female part of the duet is sung by French artist Osmojam who asks for action, not apologies.

On a wider societal level, we heard echoes of these feelings in the Repeal movement. The Republic of Ireland was not listening to its women, and the historic referendum result in May 2018 was experienced by many as an acknowledgement of the pain caused, an apology, and a promise to do better.

Both this movement and the activists involved gave us hope for the future – that our daughters could be raised in a fairer, more just society.

This video contains footage of several high profile public marches that took place in Dublin in 2018, including Repeal the Eighth (Garden of Remembrance), I Stand With Her (Department of Justice) and the victorious count (Dublin Castle).

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